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MOVI C Modular Technology


Movi C Modular Automation System:


MOVI-C combines:

1) MOVISUITE engineering software

2) MOVI-C controllers

3) Inverter technology

4) Drive technology


  • MOVISUITE  – Engineering software:



MOVISUITE is intuitive engineering software that sets a new standard for single and multi-axis motion control. Project planning, startup, operation, and diagnostics are quick and easy saving you time and money.





The combination of the MOVI-C CONTROLLER, the MOVIKIT modules, and

MOVIRUN software provides a flexible, easy to use platform that saves time and money. MOVI-C control technology is available in four different performance classes  power, power eco, advanced and standard. Features include an intuitive user interface, plus backup and restore functions that make axis replacement simple.


  • MOVIDRIVE Inverter technology : (Flexible motor control)




MOVIDRIVE® inverters control and monitor synchronous, asynchronous and

linear motors with or without an encoder. They are available as a modular multi-axis system with single- and double-axis modules up to a rated current of 180 A, and as a compact unit with mains connection up to a rated output of 315 kW. The basic unit incorporates the STO in PLe safety function, and safety option cards add more than 15 safety functions. In addition to easy startup and energy-saving operation, custom applications can be implemented quickly and easily using MOVIKIT® modules.




  • Drive technology:  (Motion solutions)





MOVI-C control technology works with a wide range of gear motors and servo drives in various sizes and torque ratings. Linear motors, electric cylinders, brakes, built-in encoders and diagnostic units are also compatible.




  • Save time and cut costs.

Faster and easier planning, startup, operation and diagnostics for drive technology. In addition to saving you time and money.

  • More freedom, less work:

More freedom in parameterization, less programming work, plus user-friendly central data management – this technology helps reduce complexibilty.

  • Control and monitor and motor:

The MOVIDRIVE application inverter is available as a modular multi-axis system (single-axis/double-axis modules) and as a single axis inverter

  • Diverse application aoptions:

Whether you need a gear unit, a motor, gear motor for centralized or decentralized installations: