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Drive application: Modulo positioning
Whenever material is transported, for example, in conveyor or logistic applications, a large number of motion sequences must be controlled. These are often linear movements in the form of hoists, trolleys or conveyor belts, and rotary movements in the form of rotary tables. The rotary movements of rotary tables or rotary distributors, for example, are frequently clocked. Conveyor belts, so-called timing belts, also represent clocked applications.


Modulo Positioning
Rotary tables are a specific drive application. The material is always clocked one specified angle further for further processing. Typically, the movement is only performed in one direction. Rotary distributors are another application. In this case, the material is distributed among different positions. Distance-optimized positioning is often required. The new position is always reached using the shortest route.


The clocked conveyor belt application is similar to the rotary table. The material on the conveyor belt is always clocked one specified length further. A complete conveyor belt cycle corresponds to a 360° movement of a rotary table.


The solution with MOVIDRIVE®
Set parameters instead of programming
The drive solution with MOVIDRIVE® is based on the “Modulo Positioning” application module. The “Modulo Positioning” application module is a component of the MOVITOOLS® software for the application version of MOVIDRIVE® B. The user-friendly interface guides you through the process of setting the parameters. Only those parameters required for the specific application, such as positions, ramps and speeds, must be entered. The application module uses this information to create the control program and loads it into the inverter. MOVIDRIVE® assumes complete movement control, thus freeing up the machine control. You have the option of selecting whether the inverter is controlled by binary input or by fieldbus.


Wide range of functions
No matter how large the variety of applications, the wide range of functions provided by the “Modulo Positioning” application module offers the right solution for every task.


  • 16 target positions or step widths can be defined and selected. Control using the fieldbus also allows you to define target positions and step widths as variable values.
  • For each of the 16 target positions or step widths, you can set the travel speed and ramp separately.
  • The angle error can be corrected with flying referencing when the gear unit reduction ratio is an odd number.
  • For a non-positive (= with slip) connection between the motor shaft and application, an external incremental encoder can be referenced.
  • The application units can be defined as required.
  • Automatic calculation of position resolution and graphical position display.
  • Guided, easy-to-follow startup procedure and diagnostics.


Movement control with IPOSplus®
One of the main MOVIDRIVE® features used in the application modules is IPOSplus®positioning and sequence control. Based on the specifications, an IPOSplus® program in MOVIDRIVE® controls the entire motion sequence through the application module as machine-oriented as possible in MOVIDRIVE®.


Further applications
In addition to rotary tables, rotary distributors and timing belts, the “Modulo Positioning” application module can naturally be used for further applications. Examples are:


  • Swiveling devices
  • Crank drives
  • General applications with a non-positive connection between motor shaft and load


The advantages at a glance
  • Wide range of functions
  • User-friendly user interface
  • You only have to enter the parameters needed for the application
  • Guided parameter setting process instead of complicated programming
  • No programming experience required
  • Rapid familiarization with the system
  • Either terminal control or fieldbus control
  • Movement control is carried out completely by the IPOSplus® program in MOVIDRIVE®
  • Decentralized concepts can be implemented more easily