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EC Drives drive system for light-duty materials handling technology:


  • ECDrives stands for Electronically Commutated Drive System, a brushless DC gear motor. But EC Drives also stands for “easy drive,” the simple, efficient and cost-cutting drive solution for roller conveyors from SEW‑EURODRIVE.
  • ECDrives is a DC drive with 40 W continuous power and up to 100 W dynamic power that is optimized for the typical power ranges of roller conveyors used in light-duty materials handling technology. ECDrives units are remarkable for not only their ease of use—just connect them and you’re done but also their adaptability.


  • Applications :

The units are suitable for all light-duty handling tasks with S1 operation and up to 40 w.

 EXAMPLE: Zero pressure accumulation.

 Example: positioning of matterial to be conveysd.